Tender to Mistral Poems

by Tom Rosenthal and Paul Haworth

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Tom Rosenthal tomrosenthal.co.uk plays piano on these readings of three poems from my book TENDER TO MISTRAL which is available at San Serriffe www.san-serriffe.com


released November 27, 2015


all rights reserved


Track Name: I spent the last year abducted
I spent the last year abducted
delivering change, sharing risk
my father
in considering magnificent lovers
consulting names macabre
or should that be
a consultant to meanings obscured

in keeping with family disdain
Doyle and Cavendish
unattached daughters
doing stupid things
no one does anymore
John Huston told his daughter,
"The worst thing is to be a dilettante."
Track Name: talk about Reading '98
talk about Reading ’98
about watching New Order
I see what you’re doing, old man
grasping nothing real
I watch the bubbles in your drink
beside your glass, a memo, Applying Our Values
your charm is a secret
allegories posited in the blind-spot of CCTV
I won’t please you, let you go
to be traded, translated
buckets of blood, black pudding, a tower block
alone in a field, a rolling theatre of clouds
the Thames crossing us
in a park, skinheads rehearse martial arts
one brandishing a needle
wannabe, take your boots off
nature, you asleep faller
mud to your ankles
water to your thighs
his repentance, a repertoire of excursions
as if the next will be the one to take her silence
his nostalgia, ruralism
Track Name: and to those interesting moments
and to those interesting moments
be suspects misspent
on a small detour
not scared horses
haunted by hauntings
by the thought of what I'd say
if I said what I'd wanted to say
I wouldn't mind to rediscover
you in torn-out pages
resolved and conclusive
this story isn't too clever
and the subtitles are badly translated

and to those melancholy forks
that keep their call
come back come back
as at the curtain not-quite drawn
I spy
this time is ecstasy
and we are lost, maybe
staring from different carriages
to the view
we should not meet at our destination
but if we do
I'll make my excuses
you make yours


Paul Haworth